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Coffee. Stat.

Last night I stayed up to watch the entire Golden Globes show, which is something I never got to do during my working years.  Why do they always have these awards shows on Sunday nights?  I don’t think I ever stayed up late enough to watch an entire one.  11:00 pm isn’t all that late, but it is for someone who (used to) get(s) 9 hours of sleep a night.  Henry slept during the last hour of the show, so I once again celebrated by eating too much.  I think I eat too much because I am really tired but want to stay up for the sheer novelty of it.  Husband and I were positively giddy!  It was the first time we had watched TV just the two of us in 2.5 months.  Both of us had full use of our arms and neither of us were forced to do squats.  Amazing!

I was also tired because I worked out yesterday!  Nothing huge — just some calisthenics and then I went for a half hour walk on my own.  It was MARVELOUS.  I am hoping it becomes a regular routine in my life.

Winter is pretty.  Cold, but pretty.

So I am chugging coffee and eating a Starbs pumpkin scone because we have a big adventure today.

So tasty on the tongue; so cement-like in the stomach

We are going to Costco!!!  We don’t have a membership, but my in-laws do, so once a year they take us to Costco and we buy large quantities of tooth paste, laundry detergent, and almond butter, among other detritus, to last us for 6 months or so.  What is it about Costco that makes one spend about 10 times as much as they were planning to?  Target is the same way.  Nevertheless, I am excited!  A day out of the house AND access to gigantic vats of mustard.  I think it’s going to be a good Monday!

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