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I saw this on a friend’s livejournal and loved it so much I nabbed it (!) to post here:

A nice reminder, especially on a quiet, snowy day like today.

But today isn’t just any normal day; today marks the first time that Henry has ever smiled!  I’ve seen him smile in his sleep, but this was the first time I was trying to make him smile  and he did!  Twice!  I was so happy I started to cry.  I didn’t even cry when he was born.  Obviously I have my priorities in order.


He is now happily asleep in his swing and I am drinking some green tea.  I wonder what to make for dinner?  Husband is at work.  I’d like something really healthy, like a giant salad, but we haven’t gone grocery shopping in a week and a half.  What is your go-to meal when you are on your own and are on low on groceries? I’ll often have a can of (bacon-free!) soup or scramble some eggs with vegetables and have that with toast.  I like quick and easy that ends with a minimal amount of dirty dishes.  I really just want to eat something GREEN though (Green tea doesn’t count, unfortunately.)


20 days until Christmas!  So far, I have listened endlessly to Christmas music, wrapped some Christmas gifts, put up a few decorations (no tree though!), and baked sugar cookies.  Not bad!  I still have a bit of Christmas shopping/wrapping left to do and there are always more sugar cookies to bake.  Last night, I half-watched a couple of the classics:  A Christmas Story and Elf.  I have a craving to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Love Actually.  Luckily I own Love Actually so this shouldn’t be difficult to appease.  Why are Christmas movies so re-watchable??!! <– new word!


While Henry sleeps I should probably prep dinner, whatever it may be, as well as experiment with his stroller.  We’d like to go to this sometime this week and I think a stroller would be advantageous.  There is always some new contraption to learn when you have a baby.  This is the truth!

December 5, 2010 at 4:25 pm 2 comments

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