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Steak for dinner

Tonight we had steak for dinner!

And by steak, I mean Spicy Chocolate Tofu that looks peculiarly like steak (or so says Husband!  I think he tried to convince himself he was really eating steak with a sweet barbecue sauce on it, but I’m not sure how successful this trick of conscience worked out for him).

I have a folder in my email with all sorts of emails I’ve sent myself over the years with links to recipes I’ve wanted to try.  This one has been kicking around since August 9th, 2010, but only now am I making it!  Other recipes in this folder include “Homemade Almond Milk”, “Greek Watermelon Barley Salad”, and “Cinnamon Walnut Bread”.  Sounds good, no?

I highly recommend this tofu recipe.  It is quite sweet so I recommend pairing it with veggies.  I served it with garlic mashed potatoes and steamed carrots and broccoli.


Today was another sunny day, but too cold to go for a walk.  I was bummed because a walk (especially to Starbucks!) really brightens the day up.  By the time we are home, it’s time to make dinner and then get Henry ready for bed soon after.

He’s in bed as I type this.  It’s 7:09 pm and this is the earliest he’s ever gone to bed!  I was trying to watch The Business of Being Born on Netflix (we just signed up yesterday and I am on my third documentary already!), but he was just too fussy to stand it.  He wasn’t hungry, he wouldn’t sit in his bouncy chair, he wouldn’t nibble on his ringley, and he wouldn’t lay on his back and kick his legs.  When all else fails, I either strip him naked and let him hang out on the floor (my little nudist!) (let’s hope this is temporary!) or I do the bath/nursing/bed routine and hope he falls asleep.  So far, so good.  I should probably knock on wood, though.

Speaking of Henry, he has the same swing as Celine Dion’s twin boys!  I noticed this while participating in my favourite Stay-At-Home-Mom activity, that is, watching Oprah.

Source of picture

Fisher Price: The Great Democratizer

I figure if they are good enough for multi-million dollar, world-renowned Celine Dion then I suppose they are good enough for my little boy.  Now if only our identical swings also matched our identical houses…

A lot of people are critical of Celine Dion, but I think she is amazing.

How amazing?  Just check out this video to see.

February 22, 2011 at 7:26 pm 14 comments

The Great Escape

Sorry I never wrote yesterday!  I just haven’t been much in the blogging mood as usual.  Now that my Week of Vegan Eating is over, I don’t feel like I have much to talk about!  However, today was the first day that we put Henry in his stroller and went for a walk.  We’re at the beginning of a stream of temperate weather (for February in Toronto, anyway!) so I wanted to take advantage.


We were just going to go for a short jaunt, but Henry fell asleep so we decided to keep going.  We live about a 20 minute walk away from Starbucks, so that became our ultimate destination.

If you know anything about me, you know that I love Starbucks!  It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, if you see a Starbucks you can depend on a delicious cup of coffee.  During our honeymoon in France, I had a memorable cup of Starbucks coffee before going into Versailles!  I also remember a particularly delicious cup experienced at the airport in Glasgow, Scotland.  As frugal as I am, during all my years of working in mid-town Toronto, rarely a day went by that I didn’t order a Tall Bold!

To be able to walk to Starbucks with a happy Henry was huge!  I love that I can walk since we are a one-car family.  That Henry was happy and loves his stroller is another bonus.  It was a good day!

Henry likes to sit back with a cup of coffee and catch up on his cloth books

I ordered an Americano from Starbs because I think I am going to lay off the dairy for a while.  I didn’t think my Week of Vegan Eating really affected Henry, but now that I’m back on the dairy, I recognize a difference.  For one, the redness on his tushy disappeared last week for the first time in weeks and weeks, only to return yesterday!  For two, even though he wakes every 2.5 hours, he always fell right back to sleep last week after eating.  Since Monday, he has been more finicky, waking up 10 or 15 minutes after I put him down (and have just reached that delicious point when I am ALMOST asleep).  So I will finish this week without consuming dairy and see how his butt does.  I have never changed my diet to affect someone’s butt!  Wait, that is a lie.  I have often changed my diet to decrease the size of MY butt, but have never been successful 😉

February 16, 2011 at 3:19 pm 12 comments

Vegan Eating: Last Day!

And so we arrive at the last day of my one week experience with vegan eating.  I have less than 10 hours to go!  I think I will make it.  At least I hope.  Saturday nights have a funny way of throwing all eating plans completely off track!

Along with a week of vegan eating, I’ve also been consuming one Green Monster a day (a goal for February as you may remember!).  Today’s concoction was particularly delicious because it contained 1/4 cup coconut milk.

Green Monster includes: 1/4 cup coconut milk, 3/4 cup almond milk, 1 cup frozen mango, 1/2 banana, 1 handful of baby spinach, and a side of Dr. Snuggles

I just had a quick lunch of a couple of clementines and an open-faced peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Although I usually eat natural peanut butter, I’m currently out so the regular peanut butter had to suffice (which I like to call “dessert peanut butter” because of the added sugar and oil!).  Honestly, I much prefer the taste of dessert peanut butter but usually stick to the natural.

I’m out to dinner at a friends’ house tonight.  She reads my blog so knows about my WoVE (Week of Vegan Eating) and is planning a vegan dinner because of it.  See the beauty of maintaining a blog?  Friends will know all about your quirky eating plans and will accommodate you as such.  Or maybe I just have awesome friends?

Henry is excited to be going out on a Saturday night.  I try to refrain from constantly saying LOOK HOW CUTE MY KID IS because that certainly gets old after a while, but I can’t help it with this picture especially.


The expression he makes when he is “talking”

It’s during the day after a rough night (such as last night!) that he is extra-cute.  I am convinced this is some sort of Darwinian, “survival of the species” thing.  I mean, look at that double chin!  It’s almost enough to get me to forget the constant interruptions to my sleep (note:  ALMOST).

February 12, 2011 at 2:26 pm 4 comments

Vegan Eating: Day Three

I believe that my Henry is in the midst of a growth spurt because he has been one major crankball lately!  It is exhausting, because the main activity that will appease him is singing and bouncing (I will not tell you how many times I have sung “twinkle twinkle little star”.  More than any person should!).  He is hungry, too, but is wailing too much to latch on!  It’s very frustrating for me.  I read that when a mother hears her baby cry, she releases hormones that make her feel very uncomfortable.  I am glad to know this because I was wondering why I was finding it so upsetting.  I mean, babies cry all the time, right?  I should just accept it and not get so worked up, y’know?

Another thing that helped him stop fussing is by showing him pictures of my Glamour magazine!  He LOVES to be read to, but I needed a change from the usual nursery rhymes and fairy tale books.  Henry now knows that bold stripes are a must for Spring 2011!

Henry says, “fleece sleepers are a definite DO”

Fussiness aside, I have not given up on my Week of Vegan Eating (WoVE).  The Triple Fudge Cake would be a comforting antidote to all this crying, but I am resisting it somehow!  Will power of steel I guess!  (Yeah, right).

For dinner last night, I used up some Vegan Walnut Lentil Pile leftovers by mushing them on a thin burger bun…

Topping it with sliced tomato…

And then adding half of a sliced avocado and a sprinkle of pepper.

This was a great, easy way to use up leftovers!

For breakfast this morning, I made the famous Carrot Cake Oatmeal (lacking coconut cream, and cutting down on the maple syrup and walnuts).

I’m not having any problem fixing meals for myself, but it’s the snacks that I’m lacking!  I guess when I was preparing for my WoVE, I seriously undervalued my love of snacking!  It is a physiological necessity for me to have something sweet, preferably chocolate, after dinner.  I’ve been relying on a small bowl of semi-sweet chocolate chips to tide me over, but I’d much prefer some better-quality chocolate.  Perhaps I’ll get the chance to run to the grocery store today to stock up on various snacking items.  It looks to be a beautiful, sunny day, but the radio tells me its frigid.  What matters more:  Vegan snacks or not freezing my keister off?  Hmmm…that’s a tough call…

February 9, 2011 at 8:36 am 6 comments

One-handed Blogging

Greetings from the world of young motherhood, where I am simultaneously nursing and blogging!  This happened last night too.  I must admit, I feel a bit like Wonder Woman when I multi-task like this.

Source of picture

If only my hair had that much volume

It’s been a busy, social weekend so only now am I catching up on my internetting, and there is one thing I have been dying to share with you guys.  It is the disturbingly delicious, liquefied chocolate peanut butter world of MaraNatha Dark Chocolate Peanut Spread.

Objects in jar are more awesome than they appear

You know how I wrote an entire entry all about my undying love for Nutella?  I thought Nutella was the tastiest thing you could buy in a jar.  I think I was wrong.  Indeed, this Dark Chocolate Peanut spread is like someone melted down a ton of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, but only so much so that it produced a thick, creamy, fudgelike concoction.  On Friday night, I opened a jar I’ve had in my pantry for months and had a tiny spoonful.  The tiny spoonful turned into a large spoonful and I am not sure what happened after that because I fell into a euphoria-induced coma.  Two days later and this jar is half empty.  I am almost thankful it’s unavailable in Canada or else we’d have major problems on our hands.

Along with eating too much chocolate peanut butter, though, I have also been having lots of Green Monsters and I am thinking of making a daily Green Monster part of my goal list for February.  In fact, my determination to have Green Monsters even inspired me to take Henry with me ALONE to the grocery store so we could stock up on spinach and bananas.  Is it sad this was our first excursion without Husband?  He is almost three months old!

Well I hope you are having a warm, relaxing Sunday.  Our family of three is sitting in the rec room, watching a football game.  Well, Husband is watching a football game, Henry is staring at his fist, and I am trying not to eat chocolate peanut butter.  Good night!

January 23, 2011 at 7:35 pm 11 comments

Lazy Sunday?

I am ready for a lazy Sunday.  I’ve got the newspaper (actually yesterday’s too.  I never got around to reading it!), a mug of coffee, a bowl of Breakfast Quinoa, and one sleeping baby (fingers crossed he remains as such).


One of my goals for January was to start a small exercise routine.  Because of the weather and my unpredictable schedule, I was thinking more along the lines of calisthenics rather than aerobic exercise.  When exercising, I always think of my body in three parts:  Arms, stomach, and legs.  My arms are getting an awesome workout these days because one of Henry’s favourite activities is being lifted up-and-down, over-and-over.  At 12 pounds+, my guns should rival Arnold’s in no time.

He is going to pump – *clap* – you up!

My legs get a bit of a workout because another one of Henry’s favourite activities is, as you know, being held by someone doing squats (he’s my little Jillian Michaels!).  As he’s gotten older, he doesn’t demand this as much, but I still do a lot of bouncing.  Some days, it feels like that’s all I do!

My stomach, however, is a completely neglected body part.  While playing with Henry in his bouncy chair, I’ll sometimes do a quick set of 50 crunches, but this is far from a regular routine.  I am going to try to create some sort of 5 minute circuit routine using arms, legs, and stomach that can be done whenever I have a spare moment.  I could even try incorporating Henry into this routine.   I’ll let you know how it goes!


Well there are two newspapers and one couch with my name on it.  Happy Sunday!

January 16, 2011 at 9:47 am 4 comments

Tummy Time

I think we have finally recuperated from the immunization-drama from yesterday.  My doctor recommended that Henry have some “tummy time” after each diaper change, so we gave it a shot this morning.

I am not sure if he was impressed or not.

Happy?  Sad?  Who cares as long as he isn’t crying!  Which he started to do 30 seconds after this photo was taken.

Now he is sleeping in his swing.  He’s been asleep for at least 2 hours.  I guess he is making up for all the sleep he didn’t get last night! <– Woe is me.


For breakfast this morning, I had some oat bran with berries!

I was all set to eat my three square meals today, motivated by the promise of PANTS THAT FIT, but my plan was skewed by the presence of Clodhoppers in my house.  What are Clodhoppers, you ask?  They are tiny morsels of addictive sugar and lard is what they are!

They are just graham wafer clusters covered in milk chocolate, but something about the crunch/creamy combo forces me to consume large handfuls of these at any given time!  I am powerless against them!  I raise my white flag!  I forfeit!

My pants are never going to fit.

Anyway, today has been a fairly productive one.  I’ve been corresponding with my place of employment lately, answering some questions they have about some of the tasks I do.  I administer a grants review program for a health charity and the two people who also know how to do this are no longer there, so there is a bit of chaos going on.  Robyn to the rescue!  Well, not really.  But after two months of wrapping my head around diaper changes and late-night feedings, it feels weird to once again focus on grant applications and administrative paperwork.  It feels like a different world!  A world that won’t pee or puke on me, but one that can’t compare to my current one.  I mean, have you seen my kid lately?  (If not, just scroll up ;)).

January 5, 2011 at 1:57 pm 9 comments

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