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Today’s Inspiration

I love to hear stories about people 65+ years of age who defy expectations about what senior citizens are “supposed” to be like.  Stories of people earning college degrees, traveling the world, getting married etc. well into their 80s and 90s are completely inspiring.  For a bit of inspiration, I invite you to watch this short news clip of a 95-year old female sprinter who took up the sport of running at the age of 67.

This gives me hope that I will take up running one of these days.  I’ve got 38 years or so to make up my mind! 😉

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Dusting off the yoga mat

“Dusting off the yoga mat” is not just a figure of speech to convey that it’s been a long time since I’ve worked out.  No, I literally had to dust off my yoga mat because it has been so long since I voluntarily exercised.  Terrible, I know!  But now it is dusted off and I am ready to become Jennifer Aniston’s body double any minute now.

I brought up my 5 pound weights from the basement, along with the yoga mat, and gave them a place in my living room that can’t be ignored.  I will see them every day, which greatly increases the probability that I will use them every day.  That’s how it works, right?

Weights, yoga mat, vase

I wrote out an easy, quick exercise routine that I can do while Henry is swinging away, or bouncing away, or basically not relying on any part of my body for amusement or satisfaction.  Today he was swinging away.

“What is she doing?  Why is she bending over like that?  WHY ISN’T SHE HOLDING ME?!?!”

I never know how to describe the different exercises.  Luckily, I am not a personal trainer, so I can just use whatever phrase that makes the most sense.  Sideways shoulder lifts anyone??

Since writing this out, I have completed the routine a whopping TWO times, but that is better than no times, right?  On a day like today, when Hubby has to leave for work earlier than usual which means the likelihood of me getting out for a walk is slim, it’s nice to be able to do this little routine without worrying about leaving the house.  I am sure that being mistaken for Jennifer Aniston is just around the corner.

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Lazy Sunday?

I am ready for a lazy Sunday.  I’ve got the newspaper (actually yesterday’s too.  I never got around to reading it!), a mug of coffee, a bowl of Breakfast Quinoa, and one sleeping baby (fingers crossed he remains as such).


One of my goals for January was to start a small exercise routine.  Because of the weather and my unpredictable schedule, I was thinking more along the lines of calisthenics rather than aerobic exercise.  When exercising, I always think of my body in three parts:  Arms, stomach, and legs.  My arms are getting an awesome workout these days because one of Henry’s favourite activities is being lifted up-and-down, over-and-over.  At 12 pounds+, my guns should rival Arnold’s in no time.

He is going to pump – *clap* – you up!

My legs get a bit of a workout because another one of Henry’s favourite activities is, as you know, being held by someone doing squats (he’s my little Jillian Michaels!).  As he’s gotten older, he doesn’t demand this as much, but I still do a lot of bouncing.  Some days, it feels like that’s all I do!

My stomach, however, is a completely neglected body part.  While playing with Henry in his bouncy chair, I’ll sometimes do a quick set of 50 crunches, but this is far from a regular routine.  I am going to try to create some sort of 5 minute circuit routine using arms, legs, and stomach that can be done whenever I have a spare moment.  I could even try incorporating Henry into this routine.   I’ll let you know how it goes!


Well there are two newspapers and one couch with my name on it.  Happy Sunday!

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