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Chili Lasagna, Or, Why I Fly My Frugal Flag With Pride

Since Christmas, we’ve been running very low on groceries and only today did we replenish our stock.  Now our fridge is FULL.

Lest you think we are egg fiends, I want you to know we get our eggs free from my in-laws.  Not that there is anything wrong with being an egg fiend.

A couple of days ago, I parsed together a Black Bean Chili using canned tomatoes, canned beans, frozen corn, and one solitary jalapeno pepper residing in the bottom of the fridge.  I’ve made this recipe before with successful result, but this batch was much too spicy for my delicate palate.  I’m not sure what went wrong!  I think our chili powder is on crack (figuratively speaking, of course).

Too hot to handle.  And I’m not talking about me this time.  (Badump cha!)

Being the frugal tightwad that I pride myself on being, I did not want to throw away this giant pot of perfectly-fine-but-burns-your-tongue-and-mouth-off chili.  I needed something to dilute it, but I wasn’t sure what to use.  I could add vegetable stock to make it more of a soup, but it was already quite runny.  I could have really used some culinary guidance on this one.  Where is Martha Stewart when you need her?  Not in my kitchen, I will tell you that.

But then it dawned on me.  I could make a lasagna using this chili instead of tomato sauce and vegetables!

***Cue frugal angels singing frugal songs about frugal living!***

The noodles and cheese would dilute the spice and I would not be forced to dump the chili.  Hurrah!  Since we bought a new container of baby spinach today, I added the last bits of our old spinach to the chili as well.

It is a shame these containers aren’t recyclable in Toronto, but that is a post for another time

So not only did I use up my “I no longer have a mouth/tongue” chili, but also old spinach!  I live frugally because, duh, I want to save my money, but I must say there is a lot of pride to be had with this mode of living as well.

Now a review of how the chili actually turned out is forthcoming as it is currently baking.  (Baby is asleep so I need to get as much done during this sacred hour as possible!)  But it looks fairly promising to me.

Of course it looks promising.  It looks like a pile of cheese.


In other frugal living news, I made a batch of Thank You cards today using paper supplies I’ve had since university days.


When you have a baby, especially a first, you receive a lot of gifts, which necessitates the formal thanking for these gifts.  I’ve probably written 40 or 50 thank yous by now, but I’ve still got eight people left to go.  I ran out of store-bought cards and thought I’d make some instead of buying.  A pack of 10 cards is about six dollars, so I like to think I am six dollars richer now (Six dollars = one Starbucks latte and a pack of gum.  Score!).

It was fun to make these, although I ran out of glue.  Is there anything worse than running out of glue when you’ve got your craft on?  The answer is NO.  But that is a post for another time 🙂

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