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Today, Henry is 4 months old.  To celebrate, he decided to pull an all-nighter and woke up EIGHT times (I really need to stop counting).

Thankfully, he is adorable.

Also, there is this great invention out there called coffee.

He got his 4-month shots on Tuesday which is always disturbing.  It takes him a few days to “normal up”, so he’s been more fussy than usual.  Hubby was away for a couple of days this week, too, so it’s been a tough week.  Thus, not much time for blogging.

We’ve been walking more and yesterday I took Henry to McDonalds for a free coffee and (not free) muffin!  He slept the entire way, as he tends to do once he’s in the stroller.  Once the weather gets nicer, I imagine we’ll go for 2 or 3 walks a day.  I depend on that little break of fresh air and exercise to restore my sanity!

I am not sure how much I will be blogging in here.  I am trying to do more around the house, spend more quality time with Henry and Husband, and work on things unrelated to the computer.  But who knows?  Once I decide to take a little break, I’m often right back at it much sooner than I thought!

TGIF, my babies!



March 4, 2011 at 9:05 am 8 comments

Meteorological Spring

Hark!  ‘Tis March!  This means that Spring is a mere three weeks away.  If you want to get all meteorological about it, we are technically in Spring as Meteorological Spring is March 1st – May 31st.  It’s a beautiful, sunny day.  Henry has his four-month doctor’s appointment today, so I hope we can walk there instead of drive (love living in Toronto!).  There is a McDonalds nearby so we can stop for some free small coffees afterwards.

Since it’s the first day of March, I must re-cap on the goals I made for February.  I truly embraced my New Year’s Resolution of failing by not successfully completing these goals.  So, yay?

1.  Drink a Green Monster every day — FAIL

I pretty much drank one every day for the first half of February, but by the end, I was enjoying a mashed banana in my morning oatmeal rather than having it in smoothie-form.  I also got kind of sick of cleaning my blender every day.  These are my excuses and I am sticking to them!

2.  Lose 2 pounds – WINNING! (phrase stolen from Charlie Sheen)

I would go weigh myself to confirm (or deny) this, but I have a stomach full of oatmeal and a pair of jeans on.  Everyone knows that jeans easily weigh 10 pounds on their own (don’t try to tell me otherwise).  The last time I weighed myself, I was around 174, which is a 3 pound weight loss, so let’s go with that.

I’ve been eating my usual amount (possibly more as I finished a whole bag of Zesty Doritos in a mere two days all on my own!), but have been walking more.  Henry continues to be my personal trainer with his demands for rocking/lifting/swaying.  I don’t even need to lift weights anymore!

3.  Check out the community/early years centre in my neighbourhood – DRAW

I haven’t gone there physically, but I did check out their list of programs online.

4.  Try a week of vegan eating – WINNING!

Success!  This is the goal I am most proud of accomplishing.  I had a fun week of eating tofu and drinking almond milk and experimenting with recipes.  I haven’t used cow’s milk for my oatmeal or Green Monsters since.  I felt really great during my week of vegan eating, which is not to dispute the fact that I felt pretty great while eating cheesy pizza afterwards too!

5.  Put $500 into my high interest savings account – WINNING!

I sure did.  See, this is why I get excited about free McDonalds coffee.  It’s all about frugal pleasures!

6.  Sell something in my Etsy Shop – FAIL

I added another listing to my Etsy shop, but still no dice!  I continue to crochet dish cloths, though, with the idea of giving every man, woman, and child I know one for Christmas this year.  ‘Tis the season…to wash dishes?!!??

So two FAILS, three WINNINGS, and one draw.  Not bad, I don’t think!  I haven’t made a list of goals for March, though.  I’d just like to go for more walks, try some new recipes, and have fun with Husband and Henry.

March 1, 2011 at 10:14 am 8 comments

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