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The Great Escape

Sorry I never wrote yesterday!  I just haven’t been much in the blogging mood as usual.  Now that my Week of Vegan Eating is over, I don’t feel like I have much to talk about!  However, today was the first day that we put Henry in his stroller and went for a walk.  We’re at the beginning of a stream of temperate weather (for February in Toronto, anyway!) so I wanted to take advantage.


We were just going to go for a short jaunt, but Henry fell asleep so we decided to keep going.  We live about a 20 minute walk away from Starbucks, so that became our ultimate destination.

If you know anything about me, you know that I love Starbucks!  It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, if you see a Starbucks you can depend on a delicious cup of coffee.  During our honeymoon in France, I had a memorable cup of Starbucks coffee before going into Versailles!  I also remember a particularly delicious cup experienced at the airport in Glasgow, Scotland.  As frugal as I am, during all my years of working in mid-town Toronto, rarely a day went by that I didn’t order a Tall Bold!

To be able to walk to Starbucks with a happy Henry was huge!  I love that I can walk since we are a one-car family.  That Henry was happy and loves his stroller is another bonus.  It was a good day!

Henry likes to sit back with a cup of coffee and catch up on his cloth books

I ordered an Americano from Starbs because I think I am going to lay off the dairy for a while.  I didn’t think my Week of Vegan Eating really affected Henry, but now that I’m back on the dairy, I recognize a difference.  For one, the redness on his tushy disappeared last week for the first time in weeks and weeks, only to return yesterday!  For two, even though he wakes every 2.5 hours, he always fell right back to sleep last week after eating.  Since Monday, he has been more finicky, waking up 10 or 15 minutes after I put him down (and have just reached that delicious point when I am ALMOST asleep).  So I will finish this week without consuming dairy and see how his butt does.  I have never changed my diet to affect someone’s butt!  Wait, that is a lie.  I have often changed my diet to decrease the size of MY butt, but have never been successful 😉

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