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Vegan Eating: Day One

Given that it was Super Bowl Sunday and a certain someone decided to buy all of my favourite cheese-flavoured snacks (including Smart Food and Doritos!), I am proud to say that I made it through Day One of my experiment with veganism!  I am so glad I made that Edamame Black Bean salad on Friday because I’ve been having it for lunches (I even finished it off for breakfast today!).

I added spinach to bulk it up!

While I stuck to spaghetti with tomato sauce and veggie ground round, Hubby partook in his annual tradition of barbecuing chicken wings in anticipation for the evening’s sporting event.  Did I mention we live in Canada?

View through the window because no way was I going outside yesterday!

I knew that I needed to prepare myself with vegan snacks or else the temptation to eat artificially-flavoured cheese products would ultimately overcome me, so I decided to bake the Maple Walnut cookies from the awesome cookbook Vegan with a Vengeance.  I don’t feel right copying down the recipe here, but if you click the link you will find that someone else did it for me 🙂

I’ve had this cookbook for years and have always wanted to try this recipe, but I never owned Maple Extract.  I was at the Bulk Barn last week and saw it for about $3 so I bought it without blinking an eye.  It smells delicious!  Has anyone ever thought about making maple-scented perfume?  It could be called Canadiana and the bottle could be covered in a little plaid shirt like a lumber jack.  Instant best seller, no?

As I am wont to do, these cookies were slightly under-baked, i.e. totally chewy and delicious.  I froze half the batch and put out the rest for a few people that stopped by and they were polished off by the end of the night.  I think I had four altogether.

So we shall see how Day Two pans out.  Of course I will keep you posted!

Henry says that the hand-knit “Storm Trooper” toque is the look for Spring 2011

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