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Vegan Week Starts Now

This morning I realized that next Sunday we are having dinner at the in-laws.  I don’t want my “Week of Vegan Eating” to be compromised at all, and I surely don’t want to inconvenience my in-laws, so I decided to start my WoVE today!  Thankfully, yesterday I polished off the milk chocolate-covered almonds we’ve had kicking around the kitchen, so I shouldn’t be tempted by too much dairy-infused deliciousness.

Although I’ve only been up for two hours, I’ve already had to make two conscious choices not to consume animal products.  The first was no cream in my  morning coffee.  Horrors!

Surprisingly, this wasn’t as bad as I thought.  I figured I could use coconut milk or soy milk, but it wasn’t necessary.  For Christmas, I received a GIANT bag of Starbucks whole bean coffee.  I grind them fresh every morning, so I’m lucky enough to have a pretty decent cup of coffee.  I would like to try coconut milk in my coffee, though.  That sounds exotic, like something they do in Hawaii.  (That’s about as close as I will be getting to Hawaii anytime soon!)

The second decision I had to make was to deny my husband’s offer of making me french toast!  One of his culinary specialties involves making fresh toast, then smearing it with that MaraNatha Dark Chocolate Peanut spread, and then topping it all with freshly cut fruit and maple syrup.  Doesn’t that sound divine?!!?  But I can’t have the eggs or the milk involved in that, so it was just some No-Knead Walnut Raisin bread smeared with cherry jam for me!

I also had some clementines.

I’m kind of glad we aren’t going to any Super Bowl parties today or else the temptation to eat cheese-flavoured Doritos or eat vegetables with creamy dips may be too much to bear.  I am really excited about my WoVE.  A whole week without cheese will be a true test of wills!

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