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Day One of “Have a Green Monster Every Day of February” was a giant bust!  I thought it’d be a tasty experiment to add half of a fresh avocado to my usual mixture of milk, banana, spinach, and fruit.  Was I ever wrong!  It tasted kind of like drinking guacamole.  It was nasty, and I dumped most of it down the drain!  I hope this isn’t a sign of more failed goals.  Eek!

How can something so right taste so wrong?

Yesterday was a tough day in the world of motherhood.  Henry has a bit of a cold (every time we hang out with my friends he catches one!) and I think he is in a growing spurt.  He has been whipping out his loud, piercing wail of a cry much more frequently.  And the tried and true method of offering him food to soothe him has not been working.  So pardon the lack of entry yesterday as I was too busy gouging out my eyeballs.

I’ve also been feeling the winter blues, even though today is sunny.  Thankfully Mr. Groundhog did not see his shadow!  If he did, I’d have to find another body part to gouge.

I did the grocery shopping today and picked up some things I will need for my Week of Veganism, commencing on Monday.  I got some soy milk, almond milk, lentils, and various fruits and vegetables.  I am excited, but also nervous.  I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a week without cheese before.  For lunner (lunch + dinner; a common occurrence for us since Hubby works nights), I made minestrone soup using cheese tortellini instead of macaroni.  Delicious!

When not eating cheese or gouging out my eyes, I’ve been reading Freedom by Jonathan Franzen and it is awesome.  I can’t remember the last novel I read and I forgot how much I love to read fiction.  I know, even English Majors can forget this!  So often, it’s easier on the mind to just watch TV or peruse the Internet, but sinking my teeth into a good novel is as good as sinking my teeth into a(n) (avocado-free) Green Monster!



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