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January Goals

And so we meet on the last day of January!  Starting this month, I decided to give myself a list of goals to accomplish.  My goal is to create a list like this each month of 2011 and try to accomplish some mini-goals.  2011 is all about goals, I guess!  Fitting, since my 2011 resolution is to fail!  🙂

Here is January’s list which I kept posted to my bedroom mirror:

Overall, I think I did pretty well in accomplishing these goals.  Having this list in my face each day was a definite motivating factor.

1.  Lose 2 pounds

I received a scale for Christmas (nothing says holly jolly like a quantitative measure of your body weight!) and have weighed myself sporadically throughout the month.  I haven’t owned a scale in years and was surprised by how much weight fluctuates.  You could really drive yourself crazy with this thing!

My weight at the start of the month was 180 pounds.  Now I am going to go weight myself.  Caveat:  I am wearing lightweight pajamas and have a bowl of cereal and two clementines in my stomach.  It is very important that you know this information.

Ok, the verdict is in: 177 pounds!  Truly this accomplishment can be entirely credited to nursing, as well as my son the personal trainer (aka “squat nazi”).

2.  Write in blog every day

Aside from one day, I did accomplish this goal!  And that day I didn’t post was followed by a day that I posted twice so pat on the ol’ back for me!

I am not sure where I want to take this blog.  I do have dreams of becoming independently wealthy off of it, but I’m not sure that will happen when it receives only 36 page views on a day like yesterday.  Wamp Waaaaaammmppppp.

A lot of the time, I did not want to write an entry, but I did because of this goal.  Afterward, I felt great.  Kind of like not wanting to work out but then feeling wonderful after you finally do, y’know?  I am not going to set a goal like this for February so we’ll see how that affects the number of times I write.  See you in March!  Haha.

3.  Get Etsy shop up and running

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I like to crochet square and rectangular-shaped objects.  Scarves, purses, blankets — you name it!  If it’s a square or a rectangular, I will crochet it!  One of my favourite things to crochet are dishcloths using 100% cotton yarn.  I can finish one of these up in 30 minutes or so and it’s a great way to keep my hands busy while watching television (instead of eating large quantities of potato chips!).

I decided to start an Etsy shop because I was beginning to swim underneath all of the dishcloths I was producing.  Of course, I have not sold any, but I only have two items in my shop.  I invite you to take a look at my handiwork!

I hope to put more of these cloths up soon, perhaps in quantities of 5 or 10.  Oh yeah, baby, I am dreaming big!  The sky’s the limit when it comes to crocheted, cotton dish cloths!

4.  Take multivitamin and fish oil every day

I know that keeping this list of goals substantially influenced this achievement.  Since having Henry, my routine had been out of sorts and I no longer automatically took my vitamin and fish oil after eating breakfast and before going to work.  I felt bad since Henry benefits from the vitamin and fish oil (apparently fish oil is going to make him a genius!  Score!), so I am really glad I’ve re-introduced this habit into my modge podge of a routine.  You’re welcome, Henry.

5.  Establish regular exercise routine

Oh yes, I established a regular exercise routine and even wrote it down!  However, I have not been very good at completing it on a regular basis.  Oops!  I have been doing more sit-ups and try to do some low-impact aerobics while watching television, but that’s about as far as my cardiovascular endeavors have taken me.  With this goal, it’s safe to say I did not achieve it.  Boo-urns.

6.  Maintain budget spreadsheet

This goal was easy to accomplish because I hardly spent any money.  This “housebound with baby” thing is good for something!  I use a spreadsheet using Google Documents and recommend it.  If I were to go on vacation for  a week or even spend a day out of the house, I’m able to access my spreadsheet from any location which makes the likelihood of me maintaining it much greater.

So there you have it!  The monthly goal rundown.  Tomorrow I will post my list for February.  I imagine that at least one of February’s goals will involve consumption of heart-shaped chocolates.

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Today I attended a baby shower for one of Henry’s future girlfriends.  Even though I brought my camera, I think I only took one picture.  Sometimes when we are out and about, I am just too exhausted to take pictures on top of watching Henry AND trying to enjoy myself 😉  But my niece emailed me a bunch of adorable baby pictures and this one was my favourite so I had to share.

Apparently this photographer created all sorts of fascinating baby pictures of her baby with cleverly arranged household items.  If you Google Image “Adele Enersen”, you will find lots more.  That is, if you are into adorable pictures of babies (AND WHO ISN’T?).

It has been one long day.  I am hungry and tired.  If I were a baby, I’d be crying my eyes out.  Unfortunately, there is no one to cradle me in their arms and give me milk.  I must fend for myself!  Babies: 1.  Moms:  0.

Good night!

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Monthly Spending

Last night, while parked in what I thought was a legal street parking zone, I got a ticket!  $40 flushed down the drain in an instant!  That really put a damper on my evening, although the reason I was out on a Friday night was for a party, a party which included good times, delicious food, and sangria.  $40 for a fun night out isn’t that bad, I guess <– Optimism!


As we approach the end of January, I am beginning to look at my list of goals (blog about that on Monday!) and look at my budget to see where my “miscellaneous” spending was, uh, spent.  Aside from mortgage payments, this is how I spent my income in January:

– Postage – $13.05

– Snow shoveling – $20.00

– Insulation – $75.00 (We decided to use the $500 our inlaws gave us from their lottery winnings to cover most of this, and I used $100 I received for Christmas and never added to my budget)

– Parking downtown Toronto – $15.00

– Parking ticket 😦 – $40.00

Truth be told, I did spend some money at Starbucks, Walmart and Bulk Barn but I used gift cards that I received for Christmas.  The most exciting thing I purchased this month was my coupon sorter for $4.95!  Indeed, it’s been a very frugal month.  February will probably be less so, as Henry and I (hopefully!) venture out more frequently.  I would like to spend more money on good coffee, good food, and Crazy Sexy Diet.

I just realized that this entry has no pictures, so in honour of Caturday, I leave you with this!


Source of picture

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Photographic Evidence

Today is a big day.

Since November 3rd, 2010, I have worn nothing but yoga pants.  Even before that, I wore a bevy of expandable maternity pants.

But today, my friends, I wear actual jeans.  Jeans like other 29 year old women wear.  Jeans that make me look like I belong in society.  Jeans that actually fit.  Jeans that make me feel alive!

Thumbs up to pants that fit!

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Do you ever see a stranger wearing a really awesome hat or cute skirt and you think “I should compliment him/her” but then you don’t because he/she is a stranger and you are too introverted?  This doesn’t happen to me a lot, but often enough that I wish I were more extroverted.  Who would be mean or weird to someone complimenting their awesome hat?

Today while waiting for a blood test, I was in the midst of entertaining Henry (I carry a bag of tricks with me now!) when a woman approached me and said that I was a very sweet and loving mother and that Henry was lucky to have me.  I thanked her for saying that and she went away but I don’t think I will ever forget her.  That is the nicest thing that anyone has ever said to me!  Especially since it came at a time when I am incredibly sleep deprived and wondering if I will ever see 3+ hours of sleep again (according to my friends with older babies — not anytime soon!).  It’s amazing what a few kind words from a stranger can do.  They can turn around a person’s whole day and then some.

Aside from the blood test (ouch!), it’s been a good day.  Hubby’s off for the next five days, so we celebrated by going out for brunch.  Our favourite breakfast place is packed on weekends, but practically empty during the week.  Yet another benefit to not working!

Eggs Florentine with wild mushrooms, roasted potatoes, salad, and fruit.  I am currently doing that motion where you touch your fingertips to your mouth and go “mwah!”.


Can you believe this is the last weekend of January?  To that I say HURRAH.  This year, I am not anxious for time to go by quickly at all, but January is pretty much good for nothing except to foster depressive thoughts and make one want to move to Boca Raton.  February isn’t much better, really.  There is Groundhog’s Day which I get more excited about than what is warranted.  Will he see his shadow?  Won’t he?  Oooooooooooooh, the suspense.  There’s Valentine’s Day which has never been a big deal for me and Husband (I miss my elementary school days when you decorated a little depository for valentines out of brown paper bags and got to eat cupcakes decorated in pink icing!  Man, that is when Valentine’s Day really meant something, y’know?).  Aside from these two festivities, February is just a continuation of dastardly January.  Towards the end of February and beginning of March, you get Farch — that icky, end of Winter blah-ness where everything is grey and slushy.

So, in conclusion, I am not a fan of January, February or March.  I am really living in the wrong country!

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Green Monster again?!

Today I made yet another Green Monster.  I am on a huge GM kick right now, and I swear it is making my complexion clear and my skin bright.  At least I like to think so!

Today’s creation included:

1 cup of 1% cow’s milk

1/2 banana

4 large frozen strawberries

2 large handfuls of spinach

1 tablespoon of ground flax seed

I had this as part of my lunch with leftover roasted root vegetables and a Tropically-flavoured Larabar.  How come it’s so easy to eat healthfully during the day but not so easy at night?  Something to think about…

I think Henry is getting bored of all these Green Monsters.

“GM again, Mama?  How completely unoriginal!”

Speaking of Henry (something I do so well!), he is at that stage when he will just stare at the same object for an awfully long time.  Here he is staring at a toy that plays music when you pull a little handle.  He actually figured out how to pull this handle all by himself, thereby convincing me is a Harvard-bound genius.

Please send all emails exulting his cuteness to…


I am on my own for dinner tonight and I’m not sure what to have!  We are seriously low on groceries, so I think I will have that old, pantry standby:  pasta with tomato sauce.  We have the last dregs of broccoli and mushroom I can add to the sauce and maybe I will be fancy and add some Havarti cheese on top of my serving.  Exotic, I know.


After thinking about it WAY too much, I think I am going to purchase Crazy Sexy Diet.  I’ve watched a few of Kris Carr’s “vlogs” on youtube and read in her blog today that the book is currently sold out on Amazon and elsewhere, so that must mean something, right?  For $22.00 Canadian, I think it’s worth it.  My daily Green Monsters have been so enjoyable lately, and I want to learn more recipes for green smoothies.  I am also entertaining the thought of getting a juicer.  Perhaps in honour of Mr. Lalanne?  Maybe!

I am hesitant to get a juicer, though, because:

1.  I will go through veggies like whoa.  That isn’t frugal!  However, it is fit.  Conundrum!

2.  I don’t want to clean it every day.  Cleaning my blender is bad enough!

Ah, the ongoing problems of the bourgeoisie, eh?

January 26, 2011 at 3:53 pm 2 comments

What is this going to do for ME?

My friend, Lynn, left a comment on my blog either yesterday or the day before (my days all meld into one lately!) mentioning how the late Jack Lalanne posed this question before eating anything:  “What is this going to do for me?”.  This is a very good question to ask but kind of a difficult one to answer.  We all know that the carrots, the banana, and the small handful of almonds will do lots of good things for you, but what about a cup of coffee or a little bit of chocolate?  From a nutritional standpoint, not much.  But to my sanity?  A whole freaking lot!  Still, it’s a great question to ask, and one that prevented me from eating a ginger molasses cookie last night, instead opting for some yogurt and fresh pineapple.  Score!

Source of picture

I’ve never actually had coffee that looks like this, but some day I will.  Some day…

In further news about why this healthy living thing is worth it, my pants fit.  You read that right.  MY PANTS?  THEY FIT!  I tried on my size 12 jeans for the third time since I gave birth, and not only did they fit, they felt comfortable and I could actually bend my legs.  I am very excited because I am attending a baby shower this Sunday and will be able to wear pants that are not of the yoga variety.  Hurrah for being social acceptable!


Last night, after the little one finally fell asleep (8:45 pm seems to be the magic time), I started reading Freedom by Jonathen Franzen which I received for Christmas.  I finished Portia de Rossi’s Unbearable Lightness yesterday and was ready to sink my teeth into some fiction.  One chapter in and I am already in love.  In fact, it took some will power to write in this blog rather than get comfy on the couch with the book.  I know a book is excellent when I get angry that I wasn’t the one to write it!


While baby sleeps, I am going to cut up some sweet potato, white potato, and parsnips to roast in some oil, salt, and pepper for tonight’s dinner.  Roasted root vegetables are so simple and so delicious.  Perfect comfort food on a cold January night.


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