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July 19, 2010 at 7:31 pm Leave a comment

Where did I ever get my meal ideas before I started reading food blogs?  2/3rds of today’s dinner was completely inspired by the world of food blogging…

But first —

For an afternoon snack today, I had a peach and some trail mix.

Dinner was much more exciting 😉

I decided to make Caitlin’s Perfect Baked tofu, Angela’s Nut Butter Parsnip fries, and Robyn’s steamed frozen vegetables.

Served with a bit of BBQ sauce for dipping.  Meals are always better when they involve dipping of some sort.

This week, I have actually written out my daily dinner plan for each day this week.  I could tell you what I’m planning to have in advance, but then I’d have to kill you. OR, I like to keep at least some element of surprise to this blog 🙂 Instead of choosing what to cook and then buying groceries, I bought my groceries first and then planned my meals around this selection.  This is a much more frugal way of planning meals because you buy what’s on sale instead of what you need for a specific recipe.  However, it’s not the best method for encouraging culinary creativity and trying new recipes!

For dessert, I cut up a mango, peach and some blueberries for a small fruit salad for us both, and had it with a frugal, low-fat brownie and a cup of coffee.  Perfection!

Now I will spend the rest of the evening reading and watching TV with a bit of 5-pound weight lifting thrown in for gun-building purposes.



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